How long will my bathroom renovation take?

This can depend on the back and forth during the design phase, as it is important that you end up with exactly what you want. Something that moves quickly through design and choosing fixtures and finishes may be ready to start in just a few weeks, whereas projects with plenty of thought and the occasional change of mind will take much longer.

In general, we will confirm a specific start date with you when your design and selections are signed off. This ensures that anything you have chosen can be secured and available for your home and that you can plan ahead to be without amenities for a short period. At this time, we will be guiding you through our Welcome process and you will know everything that is happening at each stage ahead.

Once the onsite work is started, an average sized bathroom renovation done “our way” typically takes four weeks from start to finish. We are unapologetically slightly slower than some companies – this is because we exceed the Australian standards in several areas (such as waterproofing) as policy, to ensure our clients can enjoy their bathroom for many years to come.